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Software/InOut Board

Note: This is old software, written for Windows 3.1. It still seems to work on Windows 2000, but you should use it at your own risk. I've lost my copy of Turbo Pascal for Windows, so I can't compile the source anymore: use as-is, or not at all.

In/Out  Board In/Out Board is a freeware Windows program designed to take the place of hanging boards where folks mark their whereabouts. It uses a network file server with a common subdirectory for storing status files on each person; the In/Out Board program runs on each person's computer and allows them to maintain their status file and look at everyone elses' status. It will also produce a HyperText Markup Language (HTML) file containing the person's status, allowing anyone with a Web browser and access to the file server through an Internet to "check up on you." The In/Out Board HTML file can be customized to suit individual user needs.

This is what In/Out Board looks like on your computer screen:

In/Out Board Window

The list box containing the names of people in the office is really a file listing of the subdirectory containing the status files. "In" people are displayed in upper case; "out" people in lower case. Selecting a person in the list box displays their In/Out button status and their message box contents. The server directory structure can be set up to represent your organization structure, and In/Out Board can navigate it using the list box. The In/Out button toggles between green=in, yellow=about, and red=out when clicked with the mouse cursor. You can type any message you want in the message box. When the button and message box reflect what you want them to, click the Update button and your status file is updated.

The Notify button allows you to set up a "watch" for a person. When a person is selected and the Notify button is clicked, your In/Out Board program will retrieve and check that person's status every 30 seconds until they change their In/Out button status. It will then issue a beep and a dialog box informing you of the status change.

In order to use In/Out Board, each participating person has to have access to the same network file server and a common subdirectory structure on that server. To use the HTML feature, the In/Out Board program must be able to access a subdirectory on a server that is also available to a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) server program.

The current version of In/Out Board is 1.3.3: (30K)

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As Of: 23 Jun 1998