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2/17/2004 - 5/23/2004: Old Blog

Almost lost this; it's what I get for trying to modify the live software. Searched for a copy in the major search engines; found out that they haven't visited my little site. Hmph...

Update on Sherry, and A Clarification
Posted by Glenn on 5/23/2004 05:48 UTC

Brought Sherry home at about 1:00pm. Her hemoglobin is still low but it's inching up, indicating her body's recovering her blood. Also, the D&C seems to have worked; bleeding is almost nil, per plan.

In my previous post, I alluded to a tenuous situation with blood supply here at Kwajalein. In our discussion with the doctor before we brought Sherry home, she told us that the supply here is quite good - Red Cross sourced, tested, rotated, and plentiful. They were fully prepared to transfuse Sherry if she needed, but her blood supply seems to be recovering on its own, so no need to take the risks associated with transfusions.

Sherry's Alright...
Posted by Glenn on 5/22/2004 07:57 UTC

...she's asleep right now. It's been a tense couple of days, with her situation improving but not fast enough to slake worry. I feel that her eating will make the most difference, but her appetite is only just now kicking in.

She's one of only two patients in the entire hospital, and they've put them both in the same room. It's a second-floor room with a fine easterly view of the Pacific Ocean. They cooked breakfast for Sherry in the kitchen across the hall. Such are the joys of a small-town hospital.

Sherry began a period about two weeks ago, and it didn't stop. We finally agreed that she should see the doc last Friday; I went to work At Meck, and she called me a little later to tell me her appointment was at 9:15. A little after that, she called to tell me that they were going to keep her to do a D&C. The hospital folks arranged for the police boat to bring me back to Kwajalein so I could see her home afterward. She lost more blood during the procedure, so they decided to keep her overnight.

We've kept Matt on his agenda through this; no need to worry him unnecessarily. He passed his written SCUBA test last night, and went on the Boy Scout campout to Roi- Namur today - he can catch the commute airplane back from there if necessary. He's such an even-headed kid anyway; after a year-and-a-half following Sherry helping Eric, not much flummoxes him.

Sherry's hemoglobin didn't improve overnight, so she's staying a second day. I sense a more-than-normal attention to this situation on the part of the hospital staff. They're very sensitive to resorting to a transfusion, their blood supply is all frozen and apparently from off-island because they can't test donations here.

Doc says it's vigilance, not worry, that she needs right now, attention to continuing her improvement. I'm comfortable with that here, in this most remote of places...

Just Because I Can!
Posted by Glenn on 4/30/2004 08:31 UTC

I am writing this on my new HP IPAQ 4150 with internal WiFi, walking around the house, just because I can. In this act, I am reminded of how far the tech has come - this little device has 200x the computing power of my first computer circa 1983. I still have it; it sits under the train layout in the basement at home in Colorado.

However, I try not to buy these things "just because", I look for value and productivity. The IPAQ has it, IMHO: WiFi hotspots are proliferating, and I'm tired of lugging a laptop around to use 'em. Actually, I lug two: a 6-pound work machine, and my beloved 3-pound-soaking-wet Thinkpad 240. I don't see this little thing completely taking the place of either, but I'll definitely leave the TP home when I travel. Now, if only Boeing would replace the "slab" with a smaller device...

Anyway, here now arrives mobile computing - 'bout damned time.

Bikes on Kwaj
Posted by Glenn on 2/28/2004 21:18 UTC

Sherry and I just finished our evening bike ride. 'Round the north end of the island, down the road by the lagoon past New Housing, Emon Beach, "Silver City" (the trailers), then past the DSC and Small Boat Marina, round the boathouse area, then back, past the airport and north on Ocean Road. We try to do this every night at dusk, or later with flashlights. We don't ride fast, but it's still good exercise. Between that ride and all the riding we do during a typical day, we get a decent amount of exercise. Yes, to all of you who know Sherry well: she's enjoying bike riding!

Trying to figure out how we're going to keep doing this fine activity in Colorado. Living in the hills doesn't help, and bikes don't have the same status on roads as they do here on Kwajalein. I'm thinking that keeping bike racks semi-permanently mounted on the cars will make it easy to take 'em down to the Monument Creek trail at a moment's notice.

Also, winter is a big stumbling block. Sorry, neither Sherry or I are going to get die-hard about this, to the point of wrapping up like mummies to brave the cold just to take a ride. Gee, I'm starting to see why Wayne beats feet to Phoenix for the winter... :D

Too Funny to be True
Posted by Glenn on 2/28/2004 08:36 UTC

Shandra forwarded this one; I know a few kids who would say this...
First Grade True Story:

One day the first grade teacher was reading the story of the Three Little Pigs to her class. She came to the part of the story where the first pig was trying to accumulate the building materials for his home.

She read, "...And so the pig went up to the man with the wheelbarrow full of straw and said, "Pardon me sir, but may I have some of that straw to build my house?'"

The teacher paused then asked the class, "And what do you think that man said?"

One little boy raised his hand and said, "I think he said 'Holy S%*x ! A talking pig!'"

The teacher was unable to teach for the next 10 minutes.

Quote of the Year
Posted by Glenn on 2/27/2004 23:01 UTC

Snarfed off of slashdot:

"Inside every old guy is a young guy wondering WTF happened." --big-giant-head

Quiet Time on the Island
Posted by Glenn on 2/17/2004 07:58

It's the lull between missions. No TDYers around, no training runs, no morning meetings to come between me and coffee. Even the wind has stopped. It was calm enough today for the cat captain to take us ocean-side for the return trip from Meck; out Meck Pass, back in at Bigej. Nice ride. Pleasure boats are out again, after a good couple of weeks of small craft warnings. Almost seems like the summer doldrums.

Sherry's ill, caught some sort of virus at the Yuk last Sunday. Doesn't it sound like a place where you'd catch something? We'd gone to see the Kenney Polson Project, a jazz band that AFE brought in. Nice music; reminded me of the times we spend at Jazz On The Green in Omaha, just before we got married. Well, if you're gonna be sick, do it between the missions...

A good friend had an operation today to remove malignancies from his throat. Not here, back in the states. They'll fly you out to Honolulu for a stomach ache; they just don't have the resources here to deal with much. Anyway, haven't heard how he did; prayers are in order.

The house is really quiet - Sherry's asleep on the couch, Matt's doing homework, no TV or music, and only the occasional roll of a wave from the shore for outside noise. Oh, the hum of the air conditioner and the cicadia-like buzzing I hear anymore in place of high-pitched sounds to round off the aural environment. Y'get used to it...

Enjoy it while you can, foo-man. It'll be busy enough, soon enough.