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The Therapy of Simple Work

I spent my Saturday afternoon weeding. A bit anachronistic, considering the drought we're living through in Colorado - the weeds seem to be more plentiful than ever. Sherry wants me to spray 'em and be done with it, but I find comfort and renewal in the simple task.

First is the no-mindedness of it. I can pull weeds without thinking of the task, freeing my mental effort for other things. Like, what's important in the up-coming week at work. Like, what's important in my relationships with Sherry and family. Like, what is that noise down the hill? Sounds like the Harley-Davidson shop has a band in the parking lot. I can make out some of the songs: "Hot-blooded, check it and see... Gotta fever of one hundred three...". Yeah, I'll be humming that for a while.

Second is the joy of doing the simple thing well. You've gotta pull 'em by the stem to get the root, or they'll be right back. Some species suffer by their sturdiness - makes it easier to coax the root out of the ground. The frailer the weed, the harder it is to remove it without digging. And even digging has its technique - I like to use what I call the "garden prong" - a small two-tined probe on a handle that I can insert in the dirt under the weed to pry gently. Pops the root, loosens the plant, and leaves the dirt loose for the grass to fill in.

Third is the interesting trains of thought that you navigate during the time. Man, the sprinkler needs to be run. I really should program the box for our watering schedule. I've been meaning to build a computer interface for the sprinkler, make it easier to deal with. Need to stand up the basement server to connect the sprinklers to and move DHCP off the Linksys router. I can also configure the other WAP for Matt to use for LAN parties. Gotta make room for this equipment in the basement. Can't do that until I void the basement walls. When I do the voiding, I should go ahead and move the wall for my office to the center beam of the basement... See what I mean?

Yes, Roundup is more efficient. But where then would I get such stimulating mental exercise?

Posting disabled, for now...

Roundup does kill it root and all!
Posted by Your loving wife on 6/29/2007 23:17 UTC

Posted by James Allison on 6/23/2007 02:02 UTC

What's a LAN Party? I haven't heard of that before! (

Posted by James Allison on 6/23/2007 02:01 UTC

I've always found that giving the weeds a twist before and while you pull helps in getting the root out to if you grab hold right at ground level.