I swore I wouldn’t start one of these…

Ha, never say never.

Over time, I’ve been accumulating experience doing a variety of arcane things, mostly in photography but now also in model railroading. Here, I’m going to write down a lot of it, mainly so I don’t forget it. Also, when someone asks a question like, “How’d you build that spectroscope?”, I can just point them to the appropriate post.

You may notice there’s no place for comments below each post. By design, I’m just not going to take on administering that sort of thing. This blog is generated using a static generator, no scripts, no server-side stuff. I just want to write, not do sysadmin. I did take a day to learn Hugo, a rather capable static site generator, to do the stupid-simple site you’re staring at now.

If you want to discuss anything you read here, you can post at one of the interest-specific forums I frequent:

Model Railroading:

I also frequent r/resinprinting/ and lurk r/modeltrains/ at reddit, user ggbutcher.

I’m going to use tags to organize all this, the ones I’ll use that immediately come to mind are ‘photography’, ‘steam scratchbuilding’, and ‘3D printing’.

I’m going to present things as I observe and measure them. It’ll be up to individual readers to consider them with regard to their own application, and I don’t provide any warranty that what I describe will work the same way for you. I’m finding resin printing to be one of those situation-dependent things; a lot of my success will be based on how I mung the Elegoo Mars 3 printer and their plant-based resin to my will, your particular mileage will vary. I’ll try to describe the heuristics I develop, one of the reasons I decided to do this blog in the first place. I plan to make model files available in one or more github repositories, and the same caveat will apply to them.

Oh, one more thing - you probably won’t find a lot of photography stuff here. I’ve become quite comfortable posting that over at, and will continue to do so there.

Anyway, For What It’s Worth…