Customizable Models

A collection of customizable model parts. By changing the parameters, one can define a window, wall, or other part with particular features. For instance, the double-hung window has paramters to specify number of rows and columns of the panes in both the upper and lower sashes.

The parameters pages are designed for specification of measurements in prototype inches. Two parameters are supplied to tailor dimensions to the desired model and printing scales:

Before pressing Submit to render the model, a file name has to be specified. The name can be whatever the user desires, but should be unique enough to not conflict with others' models (they're all stored in the same directory). The Download button (visible after the model is rendered) is used to download the .stl file of the model. User .stl files are deleted after a day or so.

Pressing Submit kicks off the model rendering. A separate progress page is displayed, which is then filled with results from OpenSCAD when the .stl file is complete. A "Back" link is displayed at the bottom of this page; use it to return to the parameters page, as it will preserve the selected parameters.

The right pane of the parameters page will display the rendered model. This view can be navigated; leftmouse-drag to rotate, rightmouse-drag to move, and mousewheel to zoom in/out.


Siding Patterns

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